March 1, 2021

Chris Haggard, Former World No.19

Chris Haggard,  Former World No.19


Born in South Africa, and now resident in the USA, Chris Haggard turned pro in 1993. He spent 15 years on the ATP Tour and excelled at doubles to reach career-high No. 19 ranking. Chris stayed in Top 50 for over a decade and won 7 ATP titles. He reached Semi-final of the Australian Open and Quarter-final  of both US Open and Wimbledon. Chris had career wins over Bryan Brothers, Novak Djokovic, Andy Roddick, Leander Paes, Pat Rafter, Leyton Hewitt, and Marat Safin.

We had the privilege of recording eleven terrific podcast tracks with Chris for MINDBOX.

Mental Consistency

Consistency is key to tennis success. Mental consistency is critical. With the right mentality, you can grind out wins more times than not and be successful as a player..

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Magical Moments

Get motivated by the magical moments in tennis that you can take through your life. Learn how you can set individual goals and go after them. You will be surprised at what is possible.

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Total Awareness

Learn how to be aware of everything on the tennis court. Stop trying to block things out because it won't work. Discover how you can keep your focus by accepting what tennis is.

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Be Yourself

Be yourself on the court. Be natural. Don't try to be something you are not. Experience shows it won't work. Learn to let go and be yourself.

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Prepare Like A Pro

Why is the preparation at the pro level so much better? Learn to get the mind and body ready. Visualize to relax and prepare and give yourself the best chance of achieving your potential.

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Dealing With Stress

We all have to deal with stress on the tennis court. Harness the good stress. Learn how to be aware of different levels of stress with a color-coded system and handle those difficult situations.

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Building Confidence

We need to learn to build confidence every single day. Don't relate confidence directly to winning or losing matches. Take something positive for long-term success.

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Nadal's Attitude

Hear first-hand stories about Rafael Nadal's approach to tennis and his mental toughness and attitude that makes him one of the greatest tennis players of all time.

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Federer's Mentality

What was it like to play the young Roger Federer? How did his mindset change as he matured? Discover lessons we can learn from the GOAT's mentality.

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Trust Your Doubles Partner

Learn about the importance of trusting your partner in good times and bad. Keep that positive attitude and don't blame your partner when you lose. Win and lose as a team.

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People Watching You

How can people watching you affect your game? Are they for you or against you? Discover how to use a crowd's negative energy to your advantage.

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