About Tennisletics

About Tennisletics

Tennisletics continues to find new ways to support tennis players and fans worldwide. Tennis connects people of all ages and abilities, breaks down barriers, and transforms lives. If you love being on the court or watching courtside, Tennisletics can help.

At our core, Tennisletics is a tennis innovation company based in Austin, Texas, USA. 

Created in early 2019, the name Tennisletics is derived from combining ‘Tennis’ and ‘Athletics’ which is derived from the Greek word ‘athlos’ (ἄθλος) which encompasses meaning 'contest'.

Our Team


Aleks Szymanski, Founder, Tennisletics
Aleks Szymanski

Julie Szymanski, Founder, Tennisletics
Julie Szymanski
Sherlock Bones, Mascot, Tennisletics
Sherlock Bones

Our Ambassadors


William Boyce, Ambassador, Tennisletics
William B.
Avon, CO
Otto Friedlein, Ambassador, Tennisletics
Otto F.
Colchester, UK
Bernadette Muegel, Ambassador, Tennisletics
Bernadette M.
Austin, TX
Scott Hudler, Ambassador, Tennisletics
Scott H.
Austin, TX

Michael MacVay, Ambassador, Tennisletics
Michael M.
Austin, TX

Neena Wanko, Ambassador, Tennisletics
Neena W.
Charlotte, NC
Martin Kowalski, Ambassador, Tennisletics
Martin K.
Austin, TX
Rich Trevivian, Ambassador, Tennisletics
Rich T.

Miami, FL
Elizabeth H-S.
Elizabeth H-S.
Boulder, CO


Created by Tennisletics, MINDBOX helps players gain a mental advantage for tennis.

Active tennis players use the power of audio to help with concentration, confidence, emotion, motivation, and strategy through exclusive tracks, stories, and techniques. Fans get to better understand the game and listen to first-hand stories.