Oct. 15, 2020

Importance Of Concentration

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Let's talk about focus. Seek a vision about what you are going to do. Your actions are determined by what you visualize. Learn to get back on track and keep the will to win.

Coach:Coach Pain, fitness trainer, and motivational speaker.
Bio:26 years of experience in the fitness industry. Competed in American Ninja Warrior (2011, 2012). 12 years experience in Jeet Kune Do & Wrestling. Instructor on Naval Special Warface Orientation Course. Announcer and motivational speaker for Spartan races, BattleFrong series, and OCR World Championships.

Birthplace: USA

Length: 2 min 17 sec
Theme: Confidence

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Let's talk about concentration. Let's talk about focus. And what does it do for you.

There are a lot of times that you will put yourself in a position that you are distracted by other adversaries around you. This will not help you, on or off the court. You have to be focused, and you have to concentrate. You have to seek a vision.  Having a vision about what you are going to do before you even do it. Being able to attack, without even knowing that you're going to attack. The reaction, the chain reaction, the action that you put behind every movement that you make, every shot that you take. It will be determined, or how you visualize yourself when you are competing. The moment that you allow other things around you to distract you, this will completely take you out of your game.

And, sometimes this may happen. But you got to have the will, and the determination to get back on track. And, to have the more stronger vision to see even in darkness. Because sometimes even then you can be off track. But do you really have the ability to concentrate enough, to focus enough, to understand enough, that when you are on that court, it's going to take every bit of you to stay focused on winning, to stay focused on the competition that you are facing, to stay focused on the will to win it all.

So, remember this my friend, you must concentrate, you must stay focused, and you must be hungry to win. Don't give up on this. Don't give up on the satisfaction of taking what's yours. Concentrate, focus, meditate (if you have to) reach for something that's already there. And even when you don't even see it there. It is faith that you must ultimately possess to go even further than you've gone before.