Nov. 21, 2020

Go Beyond Goals

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Go further. Go beyond your goals. Look beyond practice. Get competitive and take training to the next level. Every day is a 'work day'. Go get it.

Coach:Coach Pain, fitness trainer, and motivational speaker.
Bio:26 years of experience in the fitness industry. Competed in American Ninja Warrior (2011, 2012). 12 years experience in Jeet Kune Do & Wrestling. Instructor on Naval Special Warface Orientation Course. Announcer and motivational speaker for Spartan races, BattleFrong series, and OCR World Championships.

Birthplace: USA

Length: 1 min 46 sec
Theme: Motivation


Goals. What does it mean?

There are many people that always thriving to get to a goal. But, I'm telling you right now, you got to go further than that. You got to go beyond your goals. You got to walk, talk, and maybe even take it even further and leave footprints on the moon because the sky is not the limit.

Let's talk about practice. Let's talk about these things that people enjoy doing so that they can better themselves. Practice is something you need to look past, make practice, competitive, make it something unique, because there's someone out there right now, who wants it a little 'badder' than you do. So, you have to take your practice, you got to take your hunger and your will, to go forth.

If I served you an empty plate, and there's nothing on it, it's because you have already decided that you're not ready to eat. You should already know when that plate comes to the table, you know what you've ordered, you've already desired, what it is that you are hungry for and what you are willing to go get.

Satisfied your hunger. Put it together, work hard at it. Don't let your training session or your practice session, be just something that you just do, to have a good time. Every day is a 'workday'. Every day is a day for success. Do you want it? If you want it, go get it!